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Vaccinating A Child


Ridgewood Pediatrics Vaccination Policy

At Ridgewood Pediatrics, we strongly believe that vaccination can be the safest, simplest, and lowest cost proactive undertaking to prevent the development and spread of potentially serious diseases. As pediatricians, we are obligated to convey this message during our relationship with our patients and their families. It is our responsibility to stress the importance of timely vaccination as well as to reassure the parent about safety of the products that we administer. Our practice uses only single-vial vaccines if available, as well as ones that are preservative-free products.

Due to widely spread concern and reservations about safety, side effects, and complications of vaccination, we have altered the AAP proposed immunization schedule, and we will administer a maximum of two injections per well visit. Under special circumstances or upon parental request, the child will get only one injection. In order to complete the recommended vaccine schedule, parents will be advised to schedule more visits. We would like to advise that the common cold is not a contraindication to refuse a vaccination.


We strongly denounce the theory that links vaccines to autism and other developmental disabilities. We believe that the fears caused by these theories are baseless, since the current studies, medical literature, and statistics have contradicted these theories. Should you have doubts, reservations, or fears about vaccinating your child, we are here to comfort you, educate you, and protect your child, your family and  society. Your decision not to vaccinate may have important implications for the health of your family, other babies in daycare, other children at school, and your coworkers at your workplace. We will make every effort to help you make the right decision for your child. 

Thank you for taking the time to reading our policies. Please refer to the information issued by the CDC about the potential adverse side effects after vaccination, link shown below. Do not hesitate to consult us prior to your visit. Paraphrasing the old, well-known saying by the father of ancient medicine, Hippocrates, “Primmum non cere", we can translate it into contemporary language as "Prevent first, treat later".

Ewa Dziarmaga, MD
Joanna Zabek-Gallegos, MD

See Useful Resources for more information on vaccines.

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